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Recently, three transgender Latina women in Los Angeles were arrested for injecting silicone to several transgender women. It's a misfortunate that one of the three women arrested is someone that works as a health educator for a HIV/AIDS nonprofit organization. I believe that those organizations that have very poor work ethics need to be held accountable for their inappropriate and undequate conduct.

November 9, 2010 Los Angeles


I generally like this article and, indeed, trans people are often marginalized in hiv health care as we are elsewhere. but i do find the Zevin quote pretty outrageous; I think it's awfully judgmental of the sexual habits of trans men, and I believe trans men can exercise good decision making even while possessing a high libido. If I think about it more, I also think the quote is a little homophobic because it seems to favor a reality where trans men only sleep with women.

July 14, 2010 chicago

Jennifer Barge

Thank you POZ for helping to put a face on HIV and transgender. It is real and not only limited to larger city's. The work we do at TransHealth Coordinators is to not only help trans folks know their status, but also to follow through with medicines. A great article and a great program in New York. I wish you would do a whole issue on HIV/Transgender to show all the faces in the community that live with HIV-including mine! Jennifer Barge 13years HIV + Director TransHealth Coordinators

May 26, 2010 asheville, nc


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