“Oh, Lords”
Get Mike Ruiz’s new coffee-table book of celebrity anti-AIDS PSAs by contacting Make Love, Not AIDS at 415.824.8544 or 843 Church St., San Francisco, CA, 94114.

“Three Men and a Lady”
Hook up with the National AIDS Nutrient Bank at PO Box 2187 Guerneville, CA 95446 or dial 707.869.1996. For more info, e-mail michaelo@wco.com

“The Boys Who Bareback”
Want to hear more from Tony Valenzuela? Read his essay “Let’s Talk About Sex Without Condoms” on the SexPanic! website: www.geocities.com/~sexpanicnyc/sexsans.htm

“Secrets & Lies”
It’s straight from the mouths of babes. Get a copy of Be a Friend: Children Who Live with HIV Speak, published by Albert Whitman and Co., by calling 800.255.7675.

“Brain Drain”
Peter Brosnan’s PML booklet is available at 213.874.7885. To obtain Project Inform’s “Quick Sheet” on PML, call 800.822.7422 or click on www.projinf.org. For info on topotecan, call SmithKline Beecham at 800.366.8900. To get peptide T, call PWA Health Group at 212.255.0520. To learn more about cidofovir, call 800.GILEADS.

“All in the Family”
Take your own peek inside Steve Hart’s A Bronx Family Album: The Impact of AIDS by contacting Distributed Art Publishers at 155 Sixth Ave., 2nd floor, New York, NY 10013-1507. Or call 212.627.1999.

“Not My Type”
For more information on genotypic and phenotypic tests, obtain fact sheets from Project Inform (800.822.7422 or www.projinf.org) or from the AIDS Treatment Data Network (800.734.7104 or www.treatmentactiongroup.org/).