POZ February 1999

POZ February 1999

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Trojan-less Horse: "I placed myself in the middle of HIV anarchy." Tony Valenzuela says. HIV anarchy? "I was trying to poetic."

They Shoot Barebackers, Don’t They?

Tony Valenzuela is AIDS activism’s most misunderstood man.

Inside the Issue

A Ride on the Wild Side

An HIV negative prevention activist goes through the latex looking glass to discover who’s doing it raw, and why

Too little, Too Late: Nina Buffa, 15, found out she had HIV less than three years ago, after watching her mom and sister die from the disease.

Secrets & Lies

Telling kids they have HIV is a parent’s nightmare.

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Brain Drain

For those with nasty neurologic infection PML, the news is hope.

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All in the Family

Photographer Steve Hart finds love and despair in the South Bronx

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Is Stoning Next?

Judge orders hustler to air HIV on TV

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Tee’d Off

School nixes safe-sex shirt

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Say What

“Kids Innocent Victims in AIDS Fight.”

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Heart to HAART

How to find love in an epidemic

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“Safer Barebacking” is in the grassroots, take-charge-of-your-own-life tradition pioneered by Michael Callen.

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To the Editor

The November 1998 Sick and Tired column by Stephen Gendin was revolting (“Stop the World, I Want to Get Off”).

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POZarazzi: Stardust Memories

Movers, shakers and troublemakers

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The Stiles Files

For the past year, POZ has tracked the shoddy treatment of prisoners with HIV in the Lone Star State.

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You’ve Got Mail!

E-mail junkies short-circuited last fall when the following live-wire hit the Net, supplying ammo to the anti-druggie brigades.

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Ad of the Month: Oh, Good Lords!

“Making love is a beautiful thing. Dying for it is stupid, stupid, stupid,” said actress and former porn queen Traci Lords in an interview...

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Cry Cannabis

Oakland draws a line in the sand

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An Affair to Remember

...for all the wrong reasons

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Techno Truth

Adherence is easier said than done.

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POZ Planet: Vital Stats

Just in time for World AIDS Day, UNAIDS and the World Health Organization issued a grim report on the global epidemic in 1998.

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Behind the Eight Ball

CD8 cells take center stage as research aims for remission

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Voter Fraud

The new “nice” Congress looks even nastier than Newt’s

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Show & Tell

Sometimes Cupid shoots an arrow straight to our hearts and other times he kicks us right in the ass.

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POZ Picks

After weeks of plotting, you’ve finally lured that special valentine into your love den. Mazel tov!

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Northern Disclosure

Canadian Supreme Court upholds criminalizing HIVers for consensual sex.

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The Wizard of Roz

Rosalind Moore-Bey could save souls.

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Rick Hanenburg, who died of AIDS August 13 in Atlanta, “was a unique man—well-bred, well-educated and well-pierced."

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Ever Laughter

Our hemo stud is looking for Drew love on Cupid’s Day

A River Ran Through Him

A tale of two columnists

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One Toke Over the Line

Many PWAs struggle with the nausea, vomiting and suppressed appetite sparked by certain AIDS drugs or HIV progression itself.

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Talk Therapy

Come to terms with treatment strategies

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New Drug Watch

A new nuke, a gen-two protease and more

cure capsule

The Party’s Still On

Our best guess is that the word heard is likely to be control, not cure.

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The “No Nukes” Movement

In studies to date, these problems with nuke cross-resistance have only been seen in 1 percent or 2 percent of participants.

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Vits Help the Rits Go Down

If you use ritonavir (Norvir), taking vitamins may increase your ability to tolerate the drug.

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Female Trouble

A new study adds to the mounting evidence that when it comes to the biology of HIV, sex matters.

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Not My Type

Stephen Gendin’s genotypic and phenotypic tests show resistance to most HIV meds.

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Where to Find It

Want to hear more from Tony Valenzuela?

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Big Daddy

Michael Kearns left Hollywood, embraced fatherhood and never looked back.

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Aunt Evelyn’s Letters

New Yorker Barton Benes saved thousands of letters that his Aunt Evelyn wrote during their daily correspondence in the ’70s.

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Verse: Eulogy for Brad

I dreamed you hadn’t died. I saw you freckled and pale (I guess it was the Irish in your blood).


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