“Piece of Mind”
Give head now. To immortalize your brain with the Manhattan HIV Brain Bank Project, contact Dr. Susan Morgello at Mr. Sinai Hospital: 212.241.9118.

“Nature’s Way”
Dr. Leanna Standish’s AIDS Research Center at Bastyr University can be reached at 800.475.0135.

“Fat Chance”
Stop wasting time. Call The Program for Wellness Restoration (PoWeR) at 713.520.6630 or click to www.medibolics.com for more on integrated anti-wasting programs. Lark Lands’ fact sheets on wasting are available through the Boston Buyers Club at 800.435.5586 or www.bgladco.com/bbc. Cell Signal Enhancers are available from the Houston Buyers Club at 800.350.2392. Peptide T can be obtained from the PWA Health Group at 212.255.0520.

“All You Can Eat”
Liquid lunch, anyone? Dr. Chester Myers’ article reviewing supplement drinks can be found at www.catie.ca/info-CATIE.nsf.

“Raging Hormones”
Getting testy? Check out the section on testosterone in Dr. Jon Kaiser’s new book, Healing HIV: How to Rebuild Your Immune System, which can be ordered at 888.HEAL.HIV.

“Payback Time”
Feeling taxed? If you live in New York City, call GMHC’s Legal Services Department at 212.367.1040 for advice. If you’re in LA, call APLA’s Tax Assistance Program at 213.993.1600.