One of Greg Louganis’ dogs is named for Ryan. Newly-sober superstar Elton John tells everyone that his relationship with Ryan turned his life around. Michael Jackson was a Ryan booster, and Phil Donahue attended Ryan’s funeral. Ryan who, you ask? Why, Ryan White, of course.

From the moment young Ryan and his family stood up to bigots and bullies in their hometown, his courage touched people all over the world. Still, we wondered: How did Ryan White, a likeable Indiana teenager with AIDS, inspire so many rich, famous and powerful people to care about AIDS at at time when so many preferred to ignore it? While trying to answer that question, we noticed some odd associations. By tracing Ryan’s superstar friends through the mundane minglings of a Hollywood day -- high profile dating, co-starring in a TV movie, singing a duet, co-presenting at an award show -- Ryan’s influence touches almost everyone you’ve ever heard of. And (who could’ve guessed?!) all roads lead to Melrose Place vixen Heather Locklear.

It’s an amazing theory: Never more than six degrees of separation between Ryan and Heather. Follow us, if you dare.