Running a personal ad was once considered the last desperate act for the lonely-hearts crowd. But thanks to the Internet, those days are over, especially for HIVers. Looking for love online is practically made for us: We can find other virally enhanced folks with the click of a mouse, disclose our status up-front (along with our other stats), meet potential partners without feeling self-conscious about our bodies—and do it all in our jammies! Which is why, just in time for Valentine’s Day, POZ is (finally) launching our brand-new, free, fun, fab—and completely confidential—POZ Personals. Visit for the sexiest positives-only party in town. You’ll meet HIVers from around the world looking for friendship, sex, dating—and long-term love. (When you find it, let us know!)

Easier said than done? That’s why we’re getting you started with our “You’ve Got Love!” package. Nervous newbies and jaded vets  will both find a complete guide to looking for love online, winning at the dating game and what to do when you find that irreplaceable someone. Experts and HIVers weigh in on everything from giving face like a supermodel in your pic (“The Perfect Personal”) to how to dress and not stress for that first meeting (“Make a Date!”) to keeping a committed relationship fresh and alive (“The Real Deal”). As one of our HIVer pals bemoaned, “HIV can take away the thrill of the chase.” So now, we give the thrill.