A man who lives in the United Kingdom and recently acquired a strain of gonorrhea that was highly resistant to antibiotic treatment has been successfully treated with three days of intravenous Invanz (ertapenem), Medscape reports.

This case is considered the first identified to show such a high level of resistance to the only recommended treatment for this sexually transmitted infection, a combination of azithromycin and ceftriaxone.

The man is believed to have contracted the gonorrhea strain from a woman he met during a holiday to Southeast Asia.

According to Public Health England, there has been no evidence that his strain has spread to others in the United Kingdom.

According to Australian health officials, two recent cases of gonorrhea, one in Western Australia and the other in Queensland, have also displayed high levels of drug resistance. One of the people who contracted this strain recently traveled to and had sex in Southeast Asia. The other person reported no recent overseas travel.

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