Artists and activists gathered for a panel discussion on the lasting influence of transgender artist and HIV activist Chloe Dzubilo, who died in 2011 just five days after an art exhibit she co-curated, TransEuphoria, had closed.

The panel discussion—titled “TransEuphoria Now” and held at Cooper Union in New York City in partnership with Visual AIDS—was part of the Bring Your Own Body exhibition on transgender artists and archives, also at Cooper Union.

Participants included moderator Jeanne Vaccaro, singer and visual artist Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, artist and writer Buzz Slutzky, artist and musician Jeffrey Greene (who co-curated the original TransEuphoria show) and visual artist and singer-songwriter T De Long (a transman and Dzubilo’s surviving spouse).

Dzubilo (1960–2011) sang in the rock band Transisters and was an activist and visual artist. According to the “TransEurphoria Now” press release, while Dzubilo worked with groups like Transsexual Menace, she directed one of the first federally funded HIV prevention programs for transgender sex workers in 1997.

As Slutzky and Bond mentioned, Dzubilo turned her everyday experiences with friends, health care providers and people in general into opportunities to educate, inspire and create art.

Dzubilo appeared on the cover of POZ three times: in 2002 with a group of people for a story on facial wasting, in Spencer Tunick’s group photo for POZ’s 10th anniversary in May 2004, and then solo later that same year for a story on HIV and transgender health issues.

Images from the “TransEuphoria Now” event:

transeuphoria now
From left: Jeanne Vaccaro introduces panelists Buzz Slutzky and Justin Vivian Bond.

transeuphoria now
From left: Justin Vivian Bond, T De Long, Alex Fialho of Visual AIDS, and Jeffrey Greene.

transeuphoria now
Panelists and audience members including Rosario Dawson mingle.

And here is Dzubilo on the POZ cover of August 2004:

transeuphoria now  
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