Crooks stole a truck used by HIV prevention advocates and made off with 5,000 condoms and a motor used to inflate a 23-foot condom. Local police recovered the vehicle and the discarded giant blow-up prophylactic. Let’s hope it wasn’t used.

To destigmatize condoms, the BBC World Service Trust created a cell phone ring tone that chants, “Condom, condom, condom!” More than 600,000 have been down-loaded—as a result, condom sales are up by 85 million. Now that’s what we call a cock ring.


Chinese women found something unusual in their ponytailholders—condoms! A hairband manufacturer admitted to adding prophylactics that had failed to meet quality standards to their ponytail holders. We’re all for recycling but this is hair-raising!

Drag performer Ms. Rosewood unexpectedly included audience member Leonardo DiCaprio in her act when she threw condoms filled with an “unidentifiable liquid” at the actor’s face. DiCaprio laughed it off. Where’s the paparazzi when you need ’em?