The answers to questions about everything from transmission to protease madness are just a toll-free call away. In addition to these lifelines, most states fund their own toll-free line. Call 800.555.1212 and ask for the one in your state. 

AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service....800.874.2572

Specialists speak in English or Spanish; video: Knowing Your Options 

AIDS in Prison Project....212.674.0800

135 East 15th St., New York, NY 10003

Accepts collect calls from prisoners nationwide. 

CDC National AIDS Hotline....800.342.AIDS

24/7 information & referral services from the big guns

In Spanish 8am–2am, EST....800.244.SIDA

Hearing impaired....800.243.7889

Other sexually transmitted diseases....8800.227.8922

CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse....800.458.5231

English or Spanish

Hearing impaired....800.273.7012

HIV/AIDS Treatment Information Service....800.HIV.0440

English or Spanish

National HIV Consultation Service....800.933.3413

Consultation for health care professionals

National Hospicelink....800.331.1620

Referrals to hospices throughout the country

People With AIDS Coalition....800.828.3280

Treatment hotline; all HIV positive staff

Project Inform....800.822.7422

Introductory HIV info package & therapy options including antiretrovirals & complementary; materials sent within 48 hours

Woman Alive Hotline....800.554.4876

Women-specific HIV concerns