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Music Industry Insider David Russell on Living With HIV

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Hi David. Do not worry about the aids too much. There are excellent anti-viral medication. Friends of mine have had it now for over 22 years and more, Still enjoying life and good times with friends like me. You know when gay people meet we kiss on the lips, we always kiss on the lips. lips, lips., lips. Try not to worry too much about it, You are going to be fine. Take your meds, you are going to be fine. Be Good to yourself

December 17, 2016


Great interview guys! FYI...another Jungian favorite of mine is: Rejection is Protection! Meaning, when one is rejected, one can see it as a blessing in not wasting your time with someone who doesn't love/appreciate/value the you for your authentic self. This can apply to intimate/professional/family and friend relationships. Keep on keepin' on fellas!

June 8, 2016 The Third Coast


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