10 – National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

National Youth HIV + AIDS Awareness Day

11 — The first issue of AIDS Treatment News, an influential biweekly newsletter by LGBT activist John S. James dedicated to educating people about HIV and AIDS, is released. (1986)

18 — National Transgender HIV Testing Day

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22 — Long-term survivor Julie Lewis (mother of musician Ryan Lewis) launches The 30/30 Project, an initiative to improve health care access by funding the construction of 30 medical facilities worldwide. (2014)

Julie Lewis

Julie LewisBill Wadman


5 – Photographer Therese Frare captures the renowned image of HIV activist David Kirby on his deathbed surrounded by his family. The photo was published in LIFE magazine that year, and a colorized version was subsequently used by Benetton in a controversial ad campaign. (1990)

18 – HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

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19 – National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

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30 – Glenn Burke, an outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Athletics baseball teams, dies of AIDS-related causes. He was the first Major League Baseball player to come out as gay during his professional career. (1995)

Glenn Burke

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