POZ April-May 2022

POZ April-May 2022

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Ivy Kwan Arce

A Woman’s Journey

Connecting with others has helped activist and artist Ivy Kwan Arce navigate life with HIV.

women and HIV criminalization

Ending HIV Criminalization Starts With Me

How HIV criminalization laws target women—and how women are fighting back

Editor’s Letter

illustration two women figures flexing strong arms

So Happy Together

I tested positive for HIV in 1992, but it took me several years to connect with others living with the virus.


One Tent Health volunteers serving  the Washington, DC, community

Intergenerational Health

The cofounders of One Tent Health discuss their HIV outreach to younger and older people alike.

POZ Planet

AIDS poster exhibit and book by Rochester University.

View Over 8,000 AIDS Education Posters!

A new exhibition and book showcase 165 AIDS posters from the University of Rochester’s vast online collection. [SLIDESHOW]

Eleven (2015)

An Artist, Prepared

Kia LaBeija, born with HIV, documents her life in a solo show.


Dynamic Duets

Read more about Kia LaBeija and other HIV art figures.

liver and star bursts illustration

The Other Viral Pandemic

Updates on efforts to end viral hepatitis

White calendar with colored push pins reminding important dates

Everyday—April/May 2022

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS.


Pete Davidson

Stigma Sucks

POZ contributing writer and long-term survivor Shawn Decker discusses the lingering stigma of HIV.

covid test rapid test materials

It Happened!

POZ blogger Andrew Spieldenner, PhD, shares how testing positive for COVID-19 brought up similar feelings from his experience with HIV.


Love & Devotion

It’s love that inspires us to assist others on similar journeys.

Care and Treatment

two gay black men in bed under covers

What Puts Black People at Risk for HIV?

Social vulnerability may play a role.

woman jogger tying shoe laces

Taking the First Step

On average, people aging with HIV took 1,630 fewer steps a day than their HIV-negative peers.

two women trans woman transgender

59% of Trans Women With HIV Are Undetectable

How well is the medical system serving transgender women living with HIV?

illustration female skeleton

Bones Take a Hit From Menopause and HIV

Anjali Sharma, MD, and colleagues tested the bone density of 158 women living with HIV and 86 HIV-negative women.

Research Notes

Single strand ribonucleic acid, RNA

Prevention: mRNA Vaccine

HIV mutates rapidly, enabling the virus to evade the common, narrowly targeted antibodies produced by most people with HIV.

Girl pointing at calendar

Treatment: Every 2 Months

After three years, nearly 90% in both groups maintained viral suppression.


Cure: How HIV Hides

Scientists found that latent HIV appeared to increasingly concentrate in inactive regions of the genome.

illustration human body glowing with liver

Concerns: Fatty Liver

Management involves lifestyle changes, such as weight loss and exercise.


group of older women outside arm in arm smiling

Women and HIV

Many women could benefit from pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent HIV.


hands holding pill and glass of water

Ask POZ – April/May 2022

Can Aspirin Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes?


Iya Dammons

Stay Strong

“I know this life can be taxing. However, there is a rainbow after the rain.”


Medical exam. Vector illustration. Medical test, scheduled medical examination concepts. Flat design. Calendar with red circle date, bottle of pills, capsules, syringe, stethoscope and thermometer

On Schedule

Do you always take your HIV meds as prescribed?

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