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Fake News Alert: Eight Children Contract HIV From Walmart Bananas

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What an obscene thing to spread' in light of the proposed HIV services cut's from these cowards occupying seats' in the senate' this government of criminal elitist' that never will have the balls to admit' it created HIV as a failed germ warfare weapon. " If you think for one minute' no not possible" than I suggest you get real learn'ed and read about the The horrible fate of the doomed Tuskgegee Airmen' Black man. this kind of evil' fear mongering' and stigma instilling propaganda' must stop!

June 23, 2017 foothills ca


now that's fake news.

June 11, 2017 NO,La


How completely ridiculous that anybody could believe this also very sad because people living with HIV have to deal with enough of discrimination without adding fear to it.

June 8, 2017


I believe the time is right to introduce legislation that make fake news a punishable crime. Lives and businesses are being ruined by these types of hurtful, made up stories. A five years behind bars should help deter these morons.

June 8, 2017


I thought this kind of brainless, foolishness went out with the outlandish hairstyles of the 1980's ? !

February 14, 2017 Fredericksburg Va


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