Fitness is crucial to managing HIV, yet a recent study reports that 63 percent of positive folks are overweight. But you don’t need a pricey gym membership to keep your New Year’s resolution. POZ has rounded up the best and the brightest home exercise tools for every budget, with tips on how to put your waistline under house arrest.

DVDs: Studies show that aerobic exercise benefits not only your heart but your brain. A DVD player allows you to reap the benefits of cardio classes—and have your own virtual trainer—while planted in front of the tube.
Try: Rock Your Body With Jamie King ($20, Good Times Video). These custom-made dance routines will boogie up to your daily cardio quota, help you improve your coordination and melt some pounds.
Tip: Save money by joining the movie service Netflix ( For less than $5 a month, you can try different exercise DVDs, mail them back and receive new ones.

Exercise ball: It helps ease lower back pain, improve posture and build muscles in your core (and everywhere else).
Try: Resist-A-Ball® Stability Ball ($25 to $32, Instructions included.
Tip: To choose the right ball for your height, use this quick guide: If you are...
4’11“ to 5’4”—buy a ball that’s 55 cm wide.
5’5“ to 5’11”—buy a ball that’s 65 cm wide.
6’0“ to 6’7”—buy a ball that’s 75 cm wide.

Hand weights: Strength training builds muscle and bone density, improves immune function and perks up circulation. Consistency is key, so get pumping daily at home, using your own set of weights.
Try: Empower 32 lb. Dumbbell Set ($50, Includes two 8 lb. dumbbells, two 5 lb. dumbbells and two 3 lb. dumbbells. Get guidance on exercises and proper form at
Tip: When choosing, remember that you’ll be doing reps. The 5 pounders may feel light when you lift them once, but they won’t after three sets of 12 reps.

Walking poles: Like walking around the block? Use these ski-like poles to boost the benefit. The height-specific sticks reduce stress on joints, hips and knees. And you’ll burn more calories.
Try: Swix Nordic Walking VIP ($70, The poles come with instructions.
Tip: Don’t squeeze the hand grips. Relax those fingers and move naturally.

Ballet barre: Using your own body weight while holding on to a bar lifts your tush and tightens your core. It allows you to take some weight off your legs and feet and move easily—especially handy for those with balance or foot problems.
Try: Fluidity Bar, which comes with an instructional DVD and an exercise ball ($200, It folds to fit in a closet or under your bed.
Tip: Use the bar’s support to do squats. With your hands on the bar, you’ll be able to keep your back aligned, ensuring balance.

And finally, coming soon (2008)…
Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii : Part workout, part interactive video game, this gadget will have you sweating (for real) in synch with cyberland: bowling a strike, kicking a goal or serving an ace (Wii Console: $250; Wii Fit: $70,
Tip: Don’t jump the net.