Three days after World AIDS Day, a long-serving HIV clinic in Sacramento, California, changed its name from the Center for AIDS Research and Education (also known as the Cares Community Health Clinic) to One Community Health. The rebranding, reports CBS13, has upset many clients living with HIV.

Irene Ross, who has been visiting the clinic for over 20 years, says it’s hurtful to see the clinic’s logo stripped of the color red, which is associated with the fight against AIDS as well as of the word cares, which stood for Center for AIDS Research and Education.

But clinic CEO Christy Ward tells CBS that clients living with HIV are still welcome and that HIV services will continue. In 2014, the clinic began to provide a variety of services, including dental and behavioral therapy, to a larger population; the rebranding effort is intended to reflect those changes.

Part of the problem, according to Ross, is that the addition of HIV-negative clients has made it more difficult to get appointments.

In 2016, the clinic had 2,500 clients living with HIV, a number that rose to 2,700 this year; the clinic now serves 5,000 HIV-negative clients as well.