On May 13, POZ.com reported that an Iowa man, Nick Clayton Rhoades, 34, pleaded guilty for having consensual sex during an online hookup and not disclosing his HIV status to his male partner, who didn’t end up testing HIV positive. His sentence? Twenty-five years in prison; he must also register as a sex offender and will have lifetime parole.

Joe, New York City
Really? A sex offender for a consensual act between two adults? This partner is to blame for his own situation. Dude, why did you let him stick you without a rubber?

Rosetta, Buffalo
When are people going to be responsible for themselves? Most new infections come from people who are positive and don’t know it. Self-responsibility is the key!

Brian, Fort Lauderdale
Informed consent is a fair expectation; however, HIV status alone does not determine risk of transmission. Overall health and response to medications will determine who is or isn’t “contagious.” It’s wrong to sentence him to 25 years for NOT transmitting the virus.