POZ July-August 2009

POZ July-August 2009

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Child, Alive

A visit from Leigh Blake took Noah Mushimiyimana from his small village in Rwanda to the bright lights of American Idol.

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In the Eye of the Beholder

Photographer Kristen Ashburn has documented AIDS in Africa since 2000.


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Troubled Minds

A Staten Island HIV services program uses combo therapy for mental health as well as the virus.

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Be a Brainiac

HIV can cause cognitive problems. With help from Scott Letendre, MD, of the University of California in San Diego, we offer these tips for fig...

pregnant woman at the doctor

Family Planning

If you’re a woman living with HIV/AIDS and you want to have a baby, we hope you know that HIV meds now reduce the risk of transmitting HIV..

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The Heart of the Matter

Even with the increased risk, the actual danger of heart attack remains low. 

Med Alert

New prescribing info from the FDA notes that some Kaletra (lopinavir/ritonavir) takers have developed heart-rhythm disturbances.

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Hep C

Cutting difficult HEP C treatment down to size

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The proper level of HIV meds in your blood makes the difference between the success or failure of a combo, and it lowers your odds of...

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Kombucha Tea to...Gila Monster Spit?

In the early days of AIDS, my friends and I searched desperately for treatments.

Cool Veggies, Hot Flavors

Eat healthy this summer—without breaking a sweat.

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Hand to Mouth

The drug companies offer financial savings to those who struggle to pay for their antiretrovirals.

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Bar Resistance

Getting your HIV meds on time while doing time


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Provide and Conquer

Can we treat our way out of the epidemic? Edwin J. Bernard looks at the promise—and price—of treatment as prevention.

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Good Habits

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has been blessing us for three decades.

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Summer Musts!

A short list of what to do this summer

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Breaking Barriers

Author sheds light on female prisoners fighting back. 

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POZ readers sound off on HIV criminalization

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Maybe Baby

Shawn Decker and his wife rethink a childless future.


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Editor’s Letter-July/August 2009

Gods, Guns or Madge?

POZ Magazine

Your Feedback-July/August 2009

The pope’s statement against condom use rejects the courageous work of many—it is like stepping back 20 years.

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No Child Left Behind

When he joined the Peace Corps in 2004, Steve Kallaugher did not anticipate that his volunteer HIV/AIDS work in Swaziland would become his c...


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