Brazil HIV Posters
Anti-stigma posters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, contain HIV-positive blood.

An HIV awareness campaign in Brazil features a series of posters that include a drop of HIV-positive blood, according to Adweek.

Ad agency Olgilvy Brazil created the campaign for Life Support Group (GIV), a nongovernmental organization fighting HIV/AIDS. Posters were placed around Sao Paulo, and a related series appeared in the Metro newspaper.

The campaign tagline reads, “If prejudice is an illness, information is the cure.”

And the poster text reads: “I am an HIV-positive poster. My measurements are 40 by 60 cm. I was printed on high brightness paper, and my weight is 250 grams. I’m just like any other poster. Except for one thing. I’m HIV positive. It’s exactly what you’ve just read. I’m living with the virus. At this point, you may be taking a step back, wondering if I offer any danger.”

Viewer reactions to the posters were filmed for the short video below. The supportive and emotional reactions were also the subject of a popular Upworthy post.

“HIV can’t live long outside the human body,” the video explains as it shows HIV-positive volunteers placing a drop of their blood on the paper. “The poster is completely harmless.”

This isn’t the first campaign to use blood of people living with HIV. To read about the recent issue of Vanguard magazine that was printed using HIV-positive blood, click here.

This video explains the HIV awareness campaign and includes people’s reactions to it.