Janssen-Cilag International, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson that markets Prezista (darunavir), announced that trace amounts of a wood preservative called 2,4,6 tribromoanisole (TBA) have been found in several batches of the drug in Europe and Canada. So far, the contaminant has not been found in Prezista sold in the United States.
Janssen became aware of the contamination after several Prezista users complained that their pills had a “musty, moldy” odor consistent with TBA contamination. TBA is often used to preserve the wood of pallets used in factories to hold and transport large batches of the medication. Janssen has specifically requested that Prezista suppliers not use treated pallets and is investigating the issue.

Janssen stated that the small amount of TBA found in the contaminated Prezista doesn’t pose a danger to those who’ve taken it. So far the only health complaints of those who’ve taken the contaminated Prezista has been additional stomach upset. Nevertheless, the company is recalling several batches of the drug.

The company has further stated that people should not stop taking their drug, but should instead call the company so that their pills can be replaced with non-contaminated drugs.

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