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What Do We Know About Trump’s HIV Plan for America?

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Why do y’all let your idiology over run your reasoning. President Trump is sincerely trying to fix the issues for the good of America. Yes there will be some steps that’s seem to take us back however sometimes you need to step back to leap forward. Unlike the rhetoric of the past that pacified and enslaved us to the government. Real action gives hope and results. Pay attention to the issues and not sound bites that frame the debate to cover up the real issue.

February 12, 2019 New Orleans


I’m hopeful that the 50 highest location HIV area plan will be effective. I also hope the government will fund programs to make PrEP more accessible and affordable. Ending this multi decade nightmare would be wonderful. Fear is a great thing to go away, and being able to enjoy the baths again would be a dream come true.

February 12, 2019 Washinton


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