A New York woman living with HIV is suing her dentist for discriminating against her based on her HIV status, according to Lambda Legal, which is representing her and advocates for the rights of the LGBT and HIV communities.

Yvette Brown, a 48-year-old sanitation worker who has been living with HIV for more than 24 years, says she had two teeth extracted by Benjamin Kur, DDS, who then put in a prescription for pain medication. She believes the pharmacist must have told Kur that she was on HIV treatment and that based on this Kur canceled her prescription and refused to prescribe pain medication.

Kur then called Brown into his office and confronted her about her HIV status, according to Lambda Legal. He called her “disgusting” and said she had put him and his staff at risk.

“Because I am black, because I am a woman, and because I am HIV-positive, I was treated as less than a person,” Brown said.

Below is Lambda Legal’s video profile of Brown.