It’s not debatable, and it shouldn’t be controversial: Wearing a face mask helps stem the spread of coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. It’s also a chance to rock a new look and make a statement, literally! These masks keep HIV messaging in everyone’s face while raising funds for a good cause (details for ordering them are below). Remember: Say it, don’t spray it.

GMHC, the nation’s oldest HIV/AIDS service organization, launched the “Distance Yourself From Hate” campaign, with red and black masks (

ACT UP offers masks with their logo as well as the iconic “Silence = Death” slogan (

Courtesy of Jennifer Morton

Andy Ansell at Desert AIDS Project created U=U masks to spread the word that Undetectable Equals Untransmittable (email

Andy Ansell U=U mask

Courtesy of Andy Ansell

Randy Davis in Ontario did the same, with a rainbow twist and other colors available for the mask fabric (email

U=U mark Rany David

Courtesy of Randy Davis