POZ September 2020

POZ September 2020

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Larry Kramer

Remembering the Passion of Larry Kramer

In this reminiscence about his friend, the founder of POZ shares personal insights on the late author and activist.

illustration aging old man

What Is Successful Aging With HIV/AIDS?

Researchers study older people living with the virus.

illustration of girl with pills, heart, x-ray, sadness, dates

Still Here

Young long-term survivors continue to face challenges.

Editor’s Letter

Oriol R. Gutierrez

The Last Song

In remembrance of Larry Kramer, who died in May at age 84, we dedicated our September magazine cover to him.


POZ at Home screen grab

Coping at Home

Longtime HIV advocates share their insights on COVID-19, social justice and living through two pandemics.

POZ Planet

The American People Larry Kramer

Pages of Larry Kramer

The legendary AIDS activist was also an accomplished author.

Supreme Court Building

New Rules

Supreme Court decisions and a Trump pronouncement on health care affect HIV efforts

TV with And The Band Played On Larry Kramer

Everyday — September 2020

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic.

Gert McMullin sews masks out of extra fabric from the AIDS Memorial Quilt

Fabric of Our Lives

Sewing to remember AIDS losses and to protect against COVID-19

Masked Crusaders

These masks keep HIV messaging in everyone’s face while raising funds for a good cause.


Positive Again

POZ editor-in-chief Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr. shares his experiences testing antibody positive for COVID-19.

One Heartland

Serving Youth

The nonprofit organization One Heartland shares how COVID-19 threatens the survival of the summer camp it created in response to AIDS.


social media death Larry Kramer

R.I.P. Larry Kramer

Activists and celebrities remember the longtime HIV advocate on social media.


man's hands holding tape measure aound belly

Lipodystrophy: Fat Gain and Fat Loss

Abnormal body fat distribution is still a concern for many people living with HIV.


man in bed with belly pain holding stomach

Ask POZ – September 2020

Ask POZ is an ongoing section on dedicated to answering general wellness questions.

Care And Treatment

needle going into a vial vaccine medication

Long-Acting PrEP Versus Daily Truvada

Cabotegravir injections given every eight weeks as PrEP are even more effective than daily Truvada.

man holding shoulder pain

First New KS Treatment in Decades

The immune modulator Pomalyst led to remission in two thirds of people with AIDS-related Kaposi sarcoma.

illustration of a liver

Fatty Liver and Metabolic Woes

Fatty liver disease is tied to risk of metabolic problems in people with HIV.

blood pressure cuff and stethoscope

The Trouble With a Low Detectable Viral Load

It’s tied to worse health outcomes in people with HIV.

Research Notes

Blue Pills PrEP?

Prevention: PrEP 2-1-1

The 2-1-1 HIV prevention regimen offers an option for those who don’t want to take daily pills.

blue test tubes

Treatment: New Type of HIV Med

A mid-stage trial shows islatravir plus Pifeltro shows promise as two-drug HIV regimen.

Brazil flag sky

Cure: Another HIV Cure?

A man with HIV is in long-term viral remission after intensified treatment.

match flame fire light match

Concerns: ARVs & Inflammation

A recent study links simplified HIV treatment with a greater risk of inflammation.


President and CEO of AIDS United, Jesse Milan Jr.

Community Resilience

As president and CEO of AIDS United, Jesse Milan Jr. works tirelessly to end the HIV epidemic in the United States.


illustration of wellness words in thought bubble

State of Wellness

How do you practice wellness in your life?

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POZ September 2020 cover

POZ September 2020

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