Pop culture can educate audiences and dispel myths about HIV/AIDS, so it’s refreshing to see the inclusion of several HIV-related storylines recently on prime-time television (Looking, How to Get Away With Murder, Veep). POZ asked for your thoughts about how HIV/AIDS is portrayed in pop culture and by mainstream media. Here are your responses:

How important do you think it is to have people living with HIV/AIDS portrayed in pop culture?
81%    Very important
16%    Somewhat important
13%    Not important

Do you feel that your concerns about HIV/AIDS are adequately portrayed in pop culture?
15%    No
85%    Yes

53% of you saw Dallas Buyers Club
37% of you saw The Normal Heart
31% of you saw How to Survive a Plague
19% of you saw United in Anger: A History of ACT UP

How accurately do you think mainstream media covers the stories of people living with HIV/AIDS?
6%    Very accurately
52%    Somewhat accurately
42%    Not accurately

In general, how would you rate mainstream media’s recent coverage of HIV/AIDS?
18%     Mostly positive
39%    Mostly negative
43%    Equally positive and negative

How important is it to have celebrities involved in HIV/AIDS awareness efforts?
81%    Very important
15%    Somewhat important
4%    Not important

Source: September 2014 POZ