Lawmakers in Trenton hope a new bill approved last week will, if enacted, allow residents living with chronic conditions such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and seizure disorders to legally obtain marijuana for medicinal use, The Star-Ledger reports.

New Jersey, along with more than a dozen other states, struggles to find the balance between making it legal for some residents to use the drug while forbidding others. To ensure that marijuana is not abused recreationally, lawmakers are applying many restrictions to this bill.

According to the article, only a registered patient may retrieve the drug from the seller. Patients who are unable to retrieve their marijuana in person must use a courier service. Patients are not allowed to grow their own marijuana nor can they have more than 1 ounce of the drug every month, and it must be acquired through a licensed, nonprofit growing facility.

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora said New Jersey lawmakers “were very concerned about opening the floodgates, being irresponsible and allowing people…[to] abuse this.”