COVER: A profile of Mary Fisher, who rocked the Republican National Convention in 1992 with her eloquent calls for compassion toward people living with AIDS. INSIDE: A feature on AIDS and health care reform; an interview with Boy George, who speaks frankly about AIDS and pop music’s persistent homophobia. PLUS: A test drive of the new female condom.


COVER: Two lovers— Stephen Gendin and Hush McDowell—try to make sense of how one transmitted an HIV supervirus to the other. INSIDE: If you’re tired and cranky and have lost your love mojo, you might blame it on your hormones. PLUS: Transgender nun Sister Mary Elizabeth is the wizard behind AEGIS—the AIDS Education Global Information System, the largest HIV/AIDS website in the world.


COVER: How and why the U.S. government and top docs shelved a potentially lifesaving HIV medication called hydroxyurea. INSIDE: An HIV-positive man’s terrifying trials after telling his trick he’s HIV negative; six nights in Bangkok at the 15th International AIDS Conference. PLUS: The nation’s leading Black AIDS doctors are uniting to tailor research and treatment to African Americans.


COVER: People living with HIV are increasingly being put behind bars because of their status. What you need to know to stay free. INSIDE: An excerpt from I Have Something to Tell You, a memoir by POZ editor-in-chief Regan Hofmann; the launch of “Greater Than AIDS,” a campaign to raise HIV awareness in Black communities. PLUS: Why stores shouldn’t keep condoms under lock and key.


COVER: Men such as Quentin Ergane open up about using the newest prevention tool, PrEP. INSIDE: The nation’s first HIV Is Not a Crime conference is held in Grinnell, Iowa; pharma giants team up for a new two-drug, single-tablet regimen to treat HIV. PLUS: The virus returns in “the Mississippi Baby,” who had been thought to be functionally cured of HIV.

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