The POZ Awards spotlight the best representations of HIV/AIDS in media and culture. The POZ editorial staff selects the nominees, but the winners are voted most popular by POZ readers.

Eligibility is performed, published or accomplished between October 1, 2015, and September 30, 2016. Deadline for voting has been extended past World AIDS Day, which is Thursday, December 1, by one week to Thursday, December 8.



Here are the 2016 nominees for best web series:

Merce: A Comedy Series

According to "Merce is a hilarious original musical comedy series about a middle-aged, HIV-positive man living in New York City. He is unashamedly and flamboyantly gay, a Pollyanna who sees some events in his life through an MGM lens. Merce is bawdy, outrageous and fun, proving that life can be positive when you’re positive!" Since the last episode of the first season went online October 1, 2015, this web series gets in under the wire for this year’s POZ Awards. Charles Sanchez, the HIV-positive actor who plays Merce, is currently raising funds to produce the second season.

Sin Vergüenza (Without Shame)

According to “Drama ensues when a member of the Salazar family is faced with HIV. The big question is, who has it and what does it mean to everyone around this person ... Through the Salazar family you will learn about unexpected contributors of risk in the ongoing spread of HIV in this community and ideas to prevent it.” Now in its second season, this web series is presented by AltaMed, a network of clinics and health programs in Southern California.


According to "[This web series] tells the story of Kieran, a young man who has just learned that he is HIV positive. The first season is about the stigma that plagues him in light of his diagnosis. Kieran’s personal journey towards self-acceptance is a difficult one, mostly because he cannot find the courage to tell anyone about his status." Christian Kiley, the creator and lead actor of this web series, lives with HIV. He is currently raising funds to produce the second season.

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