There really is a Prince Charming for people living with HIV. That was the case on Logo’s gay reality show, Finding Prince Charming. In an emotional finale, Prince Charming himself, Robert Sepulveda Jr., chose as his suitor Eric Leonardos, a 35-year-old hairdresser who is openly HIV positive and disclosed his status on the TV show. (You can read POZ’s interview with him here.)

In the black-tie finale, which aired Thursday, Nov. 3, Prince Charming had to choose between Leonardos and 30-year-old Brandon Kneefel, a health care administrator.

Leonardos tells Us Weekly what was going through his mind at the time: “It was a very bittersweet moment for me, because I was watching Robert, this man that I’ve fallen for, choose me, but at the same time, he was going through the turmoil of letting Brandon go,” Leonardos said. “I saw Brandon’s tears, I saw the sadness in Robert’s eyes, and I had a lot of empathy for both of them in that situation—it was a very intense moment! But then I had to focus on Robert and see what was next for us.”

So what is next for the couple? To find out, tune in to the Finding Prince Charming Reunion on Thursday, Nov. 10.

For more dish about the finale—including Sepulveda’s sex work history—read Towleroad’s hilarious recap here. And don’t forget POZ’s Q&A with Leonardos here.

Eric Leonardos, the winning suitor on “Finding Prince Charming”