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Prudential, KPMG Sued for HIV Disability Discrimination

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Hi Blaine - I agree in general however the issues here are not the working part but the performance of their duties in administering the situation, the illegal conduct and how they did it. Since 2008, HIV neurologist have known that many HIV infected can have a cognitive/neurological impact. Very similar in context if a judge had alzheimers. I dont think anyone would want a judge to preside over their legal case if the judge had memory or judgement problems.

November 26, 2013 Amsterdam


Prudential did the exact same thing to me when I tried to go on disability, including the investigator watching my house and following me to my attorney's.

November 22, 2013 ft lauderdale


Very interesting story, I read the law suit too. What's most disturbing is reading about the illegal international survalence they did on this guy. However, going froward LETS GET REAL PEOPLE! HIV is no longer a death sentence, in fact it's not really a physical disability especially to newly infected persons who go on ART and stay on their medication (there are RARE exceptions) MY HIV does not disable from working physically or mentally and this is why Giliad GSK ViiV get paid the big bucks!

November 21, 2013 Los Angeles


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