Lee Daniels“I walked into the Gay Men’s Health Crisis center in New York City…and there was nothing but black women with kids. I thought I had walked into the welfare office.”

Director Lee Daniels (The Butler) talking on Larry King Now about researching his 2009 film Precious. Amplifying the “Say What?” factor, Daniels explained that black women were getting HIV from men on the down low and that these black gay men on the DL couldn’t come out because of pressure from their church and community. Wow. Has Daniels not read the research debunking this down-low HIV myth, and has the openly gay director not thought about the welfare stereotypes he’s perpetuating? Meanwhile, it is true that GMHC serves anyone who is positive, not just gay men—and, in related news, it is true that the group’s chief executive officer Marjorie J. Hill, PhD, recently stepped down amid much controversy.