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“It’s a Sin” HIV Miniseries Set in 1980s London Arrives Stateside [VIDEO]

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I liked watching it but it felt very deja vu - as if it were a remake. Ok, so it was predictable - it would be since it's set in my living past. But then much of my life seems deja vu. It's as if I'm living the same life again and again.

February 24, 2021 UK


I would like to point out that @itsasinonmax clearly states in their bio that they are NOT affiliated with HBO so you may want to revise that statement. Additionally, if you check out Olly Alexander and Russell T Davie's instagram they both share plenty of takes on the positive aspects of this program as well as combating stigma through campaigns to educate the very young people who need it today.

February 23, 2021 NYC


@sactoman I think the complaint isn't that the characters are obsessed with sex. As you mention, that can be a healthy and normal part of life, especially in one's 20s. The complaint is that a hypersexual life is presented as the result of shame, not as something that can be empowering. What's more, the shame results from gay kids not being accepted by their parents. And these troublesome viewpoints are presented by the show's most enlightened and progressive character.

February 22, 2021


This series my God it touched me its exactly what I feel and am going through shame, and the sex I love is killing my followed by the overwhelming notion I deserved this. I cried from episode 3 forward because they all wanted to live...they all wanted to live and here I am a benefactor of their sacrifice and ill I want is to die. I want my family to watch this but it's truely my life story and I'm terrified of their rejection. So yes I turned to sex and more risker sex to numb and take away pain

February 20, 2021 Lostintranslation


Mark King has an issue with this? "The gay characters of It’s a Sin have an overriding fixation on sex that becomes more unsettling as the series, and the pandemic, plays on." Graduating from High School in San Francisco in 1981, yes there was a fixation on lots of free sex. Duh. Then there was a lot of confusion over AIDS. Then it was too late.

February 18, 2021 Sacramento


What was prevalent for me was some families not supporting their children to be their authentic selves can be the root of shame. Just as silence equals death  ...Shame equals death...the shame that sends many of us searching for acceptance and love in the arms and beds of many....trying to heal a wound that has festered for a long time ...but at the heart has nothing to do with sex.   Lastly the most important over arching theme that stood out to me was the love of community...

February 18, 2021 Cleveland Ohio


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