In this era of the “crackberry,” when our fingers are superglued to our Blackberries, Treos and iPhones, it makes perfect sense that AIDS educators around the country, and the world, would send sexual-health-awareness messages straight to our palm. Let’s talk about text, baby—with these global wireless campaigns:

 Where  Launched  Send text to: How it works   Results
United States (Florida) October 200, by Florida Department of Health  46246 Floridians text their zip code to find the nearest HIV testing center. Almost 800 messages in its first month and a half 
United States (San Francisco) April 2006, by ISIS, San Francisco Department of Health  61827 San Franciscans who text “sexinfo” can learn, say, what to do if a condom breaks and how to respond to the pressure to have sex.  More than 900 inquiries in its first month
Australia October 2007, by Marie Stopes International 19SEXTXT (19739898), in country only Anyone in Australia who texts name and address gets two free condoms wrapped in plain packaging. 1,036 condom requests in its first four weeks

Uganda February 2008, by Text to Change, the AIDS Information Center and Celtel Uganda None; Celtel Uganda sent an HIV quiz to mobile phone subscribers, and they responded by dial pad. Those who answered correctly were eligible to win such prizes as mobile airtime and handsets.  All contestants learned where to get a free HIV test, with participating clinics recording 216 tests—more than a 100 percent increase—
on the campaign’s launch day.