Five transgender women share their HIV narratives through a new video campaign by Greater Than AIDS titled “Empowered: Trans Women & HIV.”

One in four trans women in the United States are estimated to be living with HIV; for black trans women, that number is one in two. Yet their unique experiences often get overlooked. “Trans people definitely need to have their own voice within HIV. We’re trans. We’re not black, gay men,” Phoebe, one of the featured women, says in a video.

The five women—some are living with HIV; others are not—talk about everything from diagnosis to disclosure and discrimination, in hopes of eliminating stigma. “I don’t think medical providers understand that they are our access to living healthy and being our true, authentic selves,” Bre, another featured woman, says in a video.

Some of the 12 videos highlight an individual’s story, while others include group conversations—at one point, singer Alicia Keys even joins the discussion. You’ll also find info on PrEP, testing locations, disclosure and other topics. So listen up, and get empowered.