Lots of very cool things are happening. My political coverage with young Evelyn has really blown things open for me, today I’m having an interview with Richmond’s Urge Magazine- it’s actually totally unrelated but anyway...

The big debate between McCain and Obama is tomorrow, and I’m currently negotiating with Evelyn’s handlers (namely her mom, Lauren) about teaming up again. If so, I’ll post the results on Wednesday. I honestly believe that we are the best political team in the world.

In a related bit of personal news, the adoption went through and Gwenn and I are now the proud parents/legal guardians of Andy Deane, lead singer of Bella Morte.


This could be a very big mistake...

Actually, the big cheesy grins are for another reason, Bella Morte’s new album, Beautiful Death, comes out tomorrow. So swing by iTunes and give a listen to the samples there, or check out BellaMorte.com for details.

I have to go... dammit, Andy’s gotten into the cotton balls and honey again. I have no idea why we store those together, but that’s going to have to be reassessed... being a parent changes everything.

Positively Yours,