Tonight Synthetic Division plays again! And here’s that video I promised a couple of weeks ago, of us covering Depeche Mode’s “Photographic”, and early 80’s gem.

I know I look a little nerdy, but I’m a little nerdy so there you go! But before you write anything snarky, take notice at the hand on my mic stand- that’s the left hand of the last person who talked smack on the Division.

TuPac had nothing on me.

I steal a lot of my stage moves from the thickblooded frontman of Bella Morte, Andy Deane. Of course, I can’t do the jumps due to a bum ankle, but I make up for it with geek chic charm.

Speaking of Bella Morte, we’re opening for them tonight in Charlottesville, at the Outback. The Bella boys released their music video for the first single on the new album, check it out here, it’s swoon-worthy for the ladies and boys.

Positively Yours,