Today is April Fools’ Day. A day in which the inner-prankster in all of us is awakened and universally accepted. But, if you have a friend with HIV, you really have to be careful with just how far you go.

Don’t get me wrong- positoids like to enjoy a good, hearty laugh just as much as the next Joe. But when pranking a pal with HIV today, there is one joke you should try to avoid.

“The False Positive”

Pretending to be a doctor and leaving a voicemail telling your HIV positive friend that records show that there has been a big mistake and, in fact, they were a “false positive” (meaning they tested positive for HIV, but subsequent tests reveal that they are HIV negative) is a big no-no.

If you are a positoid, watch out for this one today.

Happy pranking!

Positively Yours,