Yesterday, on All Hallow’s Eve, I cast my absentee vote. Having this year’s election separated from Halloween by one week seems appropriate, because the political enviroment has become the thing of Horror movies.

I’m a democrat, but I’m not ridiculous about it. I don’t hate all republicans, and I refuse to capitalize either party’s name. What I do believe in is a system built on the idea of checks and balances. And the balance of power has shifted so far to one side, making it obvious that neither party should be in absolute control.

Also, I voted on whether the constitution should be ammended to ban gay marriage. Virginia, no doubt, will approve this. Can you imagine the pause it would have given some if the article had included the phrase, “and the state motto of ”Virginia is for Lovers“ should be changed to ’Virginia is for Haters’”?

So here’s to hoping that things even out a little in one week’s time. If not, then I’ll just turn into a bat, and fly back to Transylvania, only to return from my coffin in 2008.
Count Shawncula