I’ve been doing music as Synthetic Division since 1993. You haven’t heard of my music because I only play out in my hometown, and haven’t made a shameless bid to make it in the music industry. (Am relegating all of my shameless bidding to my book these days.)

Not surprisingly for someone who met Depeche Mode for their dying wish, the music of Synthetic Division is electronic. Nothing but synths. I realized in high school that it was much easier to learn how to program keyboards then it was to get an absent-minded bass player to remember to show up for practices.

I get a lot from writing music, and use it as a meditation of sorts. This year, so much time was spent writing, rewriting, and editing My Pet Virus, that there wasn’t much time or energy left for the old keyboards. A friend of mine took notice, and hooked me up with a guy named Kyle, who sent me some incredible electronic music online, and I put some vocals on it and sent it back. I wonder what musicians one hundred years ago would think of how I use music in my life today.

This past Sunday, we debuted the new, improved Synthetic Division. And it was kind of nice not standing up there alone, even though I consider all of my keyboards and my big neon sign as close and beloved friends. Also, with a bandmate who has an equal love of computers and keyboards, band practice is merely a check of the email away.
Positively Yours,