Every year I dye my hair for AIDS Walk NY.

2006: Our first NY AIDS Walk with Team Supersnack!


2007: Rockin’ the red, there’s Gwenn and Sarah D. Bunting behind her, with a crown on.

This year, I was going to wuss out. I’m in my indie phase with my beard. And indie kids don’t dye their hair; that was so Cobain circa ’92. But I think my indie phase ended on Mother’s Day... that’s what my niece was trying to tell me!

She can’t use words, so she used disdain, which I attributed to Kenneth Cole’s diabolical mind. It wasn’t that she hated the beard, or me, or the look. She hated that I wasn’t coloring my hair for the AIDS Walk. (Her big sis probably told her all about it.)

Therm85.gifNot only that, other Team Supersnackers are dying their hair as well. Sarah of Tomato Nation is dying her’s red. The first year, she promised to cut her hair off if her readership donated more than $2,000 or so bucks... and she did! That’s how I spotted her.

So this year, Gwenn is ponying up her locks, too. If Supersnack hits $42,000, or if we hit our goal of $2,500 before Sunday, she is dying her hair pink. This would be an incredible turn-on for me, so I’m hoping everyone comes through for the guy who was given two years to live at age 11, who shouldn’t even be here walking.

I know, I’m pouring it on thick. I care. I’m out of my indie phase.

Positively Yours,


orphanage2.jpgDONATE! Or My Mom Will Shoot! Gwenn and I are so close to our goal of $2500... we’re now at $2129.88!

In the NYC-area? Gwenn and I are hosting the 3rd Annual Team Supernack Fundraiser on Friday, May 16. John Oliver of the Daily Show will be there, you should be too! CLICK for TICKET info and LOCATION!