Yesterday I was crowned Charlottesville’s “Blog of the Week”.  Most shockingly of all, I didn’t bestow this honor upon myself.  Marijean Jaggers of WCAV did.  It was on the local news last night, check it out!

(There’s a brief 10 second commercial that plays before... click here to read an interview about the blog.)

“This is the best of what blogging does-”

Thank you, Marijean! 

What’s funny about the timing is that the station usually shoots some b-roll of the Blogger of the Week to go with the segment, but yesterday was Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican-American working class hero, Bruce Springsteen- AKA “El Bosso”-  was in town to celebrate with a big concert.


You can buy his poorly-rendered wax likeness from the Hollywood Wax Museum for $2000-3000.

Well, Mr. Big Bosso, I rest easy knowing that nobody can own me.  (Unless they buy a copy of my memoir My Pet Virus or a Synthetic Division song on iTunes, or treat me to a cup of coffee.)  You’ve already packed your bags and left down, but I’m just now easing into a weeklong tenure as C’ville’s “Top Blog”. 

And, unlike previous honorees, I plan to defend!

Positively Yours,

Marijean is a great writer and blogger in her own right.  Read a blog from 2007 about talking to her kid for the first time about the history of AIDS while listening to Queen. (Follow Marijean on Twitter: @Marijean Thanks to @hugel for the lead on that horrible Springsteen wax statue.)

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