Send us your memories of the Global Village

Whether you were part of the inaugural Global Village at AIDS 2004, the 15th International AIDS Conference, in Bangkok or joined later, we want to hear your stories and how you, or your organization, participated.

Please send us a short narrative about your experiences (with pictures or videos if you have them!) to

The Global Village beginnings ...  

AIDS 2024 Global Village

As we journey back to where it began, let’s celebrate this legacy and the vision that transformed the Global Village into a hub of collaborative brilliance. 

When the Global Village was launched, it was a groundbreaking initiative, weaving together the tapestry of perspectives from science, community and leadership in the global HIV response. The mission was to increase public participation and create a dynamic environment to amplify learning opportunities for everyone involved. 

It was marked by the international Advocacy Parade, with 3,000 people from the Global Village taking to the streets of Bangkok. Around 20,000 visitors helped make the Global Village the space it continues to be – a  testament to community, solidarity, networking and the sharing of perspectives, ideas and actionable insights.  

The Global Village today ...

AIDS 2024 Global Village

Today, access to the Global Village remains free and open to the public. It is an inclusive and dynamic hub showcasing how scientific breakthroughs transform into actions that directly impact the lives of people living with and affected by HIV. 

The theme of AIDS 2024 (Put people first!) refocuses the response on those at the core of all our programmes; it’s fitting that with this theme, we will celebrate 20 years of the Global Village.  

In a world grappling with myriad challenges, spaces like the Global Village have never been more essential. They are beacons of solidarity and platforms for best practices for safeguarding the rights and healthcare access of the most vulnerable. The Global Village is the beating heart of a movement that unites communities worldwide.  

In an era of big data and algorithms, the Global Village champions a distinctly human perspective, one that centres on shared lived experiences and community action. 

Submit an activity proposal to be part of the AIDS 2024 Global Village and join us in Munich to celebrate!