I was pleased to be invited to participate, with Trevor Hoppe, on a panel on HIV criminalization at the 2010 Gay Men’s Health Summit, held in Fort Lauderdale late in August.  There was a lot of interest in our presentation as well as a useful discussion; some of the criminalization and discrimination stories from around the country are as or more disturbing than what is typically reported in the media. 

I also had the great pleasure to meet Mark King, whose well-written and interesting blog, “My Fabulous Disease” often makes me laugh.  Mark describes his own trajectory of thinking about HIV criminalization and interviewed me on the topic while we were at the conference.  

That post and video are found here, but be sure to also read the interesting comments.  When articles about HIV criminalization are posted, it is in the comments where one learns how much education work we have to do right within our own LGBT and HIV communities.