aloelife.jpg *WARNING- if poo blogs upset you, turn away now*
A week ago, I was in a bad way.  For some strange reason, my body had forgotten how to create a turd.  It really was a throwback to the old Viracept days a decade ago, when I first started on HIV meds.

By day three, I started to get worried, realizing that I would probably be risking dehydration if I didn’t help my body along somehow.  A friend suggested cold pressed Aloe, Gwenn ran to Whole Foods and found some Orange Papaya flavored aloe.  I had one glass (two teaspoons mixed with a half glass of water, didn’t taste like anything really) at 8 pm and another around midnight.

The next morning on Earth Day I made a turd.

It was an incredible turn around.  I have no idea what threw my body out of whack, but man, I was reminded about what a drag those early days on HIV meds were, when I had diarrhea for months.  So, if you are new to the idea of cold pressed aloe, but old to the dilemma of diarrhea, you may want to consider seeking this out and giving it a shot.

Positively Yours,