Last week I launched a humble little program called “Decker’s Daily Coffee”, offering people a chance to buy me a latte. I was fully prepared to lash out and accuse everyone of discrimination for not supporting me because I have AIDS. (And not for being a shameless mooch.)

Well, to my surprise, I got donations!  

One was even a week-long sponsorship from Scott Kramer and Rex in New York City.  They’ll be walking in this year’s AIDS Walk NY on the Invincible- Team Pat Benetar squad.  Here’s a pic of the latte lovin’ duo with Pat Benatar, the inspiration behind their team of AIDSWalkers, who have raised over $40,000 since 2000.

Love is a battlefield- and an AIDSWalk!  (Scott, Pat and Rex)

You can also support Poz Magazine’s AIDS Walk NY team by attending their annual fundraiser, Love Out Loud, on Wednesday, May 13.  The AIDS Walk is on Sunday, May 17.


Last year, Team Supersnack, the group that Gwenn and I walk with, “defeated” Kenneth Cole by outraising his team, the culmination of a long, drawn-out fake feud that I started on my blog.  As it turns out, this year I will not be walking in the AIDS Walk NY.  Is it because I will be focusing full-time on iced mocha drinking?


Team Supersnack is turning their attention to DC’s AIDS Walk in October.  Recent statistics have suggested that 3% of the district’s residents are living with HIV.  Unbelievable.  So, before I strap on my favorite walking sneakers to kick AIDS ass in DC, I want to tip my hat to Scott, Rex, Poz and the thousands of people who will be walking the walk next month.

Even Kenneth.  (Okay, so he doesn’t actually walk, but he donates lots of money to the cause... how about a latte, Kenny?)

Positively Yours,

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