In honor of the 300th episode, I’m mainstreaming my Decker’s Daily Flickr Blog to the main blog.  Not just a fad, Decker’s Daily has earned it’s spot.  And here’s a symbolic toast of the iced mocha to everyone who is fighting for health care reform!

One of my favorite baristas, Coogan, returned to Shenandoah Joe’s today to present me with a jug of chocolate to commemorate the 300th episode of Decker’s Daily. And they said I’d never last! Thanks to today’s sponsor, Nina Martinez, who kindly sponsored Gwenn as well...

You can see Nina in Decker’s Daily episode 141, or click below to follow her on Twitter!


Thanks to everyone who has sent a mocha my way since this journey began last year.  The idea was all Gwenn. The mochas are much appreciated!

Positively Yours,


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