Remember Decker’s Daily? That’s the pictures of me drinking iced mochas everyday, begging for freebies because I have AIDS. Notice how I use “AIDS” instead of HIV when I’m begging for things like AIDS Walk donations and free drinks?

Well, for about two years I kept the coffee blog rolling, but lost steam at the end of October. Sponsorships dried up and I think I started to feel shameful about the shameless nature of Decker’s Daily.  Plus, how photos of a guy with HIV drinking iced mochas need to be in existence?

I’m uncertain as to whether or not I’ll get Decker’s Daily going again, but regardless of that I wanted to share my Top 10 Decker’s Daily Mocha Moments of 2010... it was a remarkable year of iced mocha drinking.  Cheers, and enjoy!   

#10 Mocha Moment of 2010: We Are The Champions... of the World.
Ben and I enjoy a fun moment back in June as doubles tennis champions among our friends.  At this moment we didn’t realize we’d go on to defend our title a record-setting 10 times in a row!
(And we are still champs going into the New Year!)
#9 Mocha Moment of 2010: The Rembrandt of Latte Art: Shellie Adams
The incredible latte art of Shellie consistently bedazzles Gwenn’s vanilla lattes.


#8 Mocha Moment of 2010: The Fiji Mermaid Barista
Russ Richards, a local artist, asked if I’d be in his surrealistic horror short film, The Fiji Mermaid, in which he explained that I’d meet my demise at the hands of a beautiful mermaid.  Also, I’d have no lines of dialogue. I was in!  Cooler still was that Shakti, a friend and former barista, was cast as the mermaid, which insured that coffee stops would be a part of the filming process...

daily-10-fiji-mermaid-oct-11.jpgRuss couldn’t resist donning the mermaid tail and giving chase. I was terrified!

attack-of-russ.jpg(Look for the Fiji Mermaid in 2012, Russ is documenting the entire process in pictures here, so bookmark this for all the latest updates.)

#7 Mocha Moment of 2010: Tears for Mochas
Josh and I fuel up at Calvino Cafe before going on tour in May. Up to this point we’d clashed over how, stylistically, we wanted to present Synthetic Division on the road. After this inspired photo, however, we were on the same page.

#6 Mocha Moment of 2010: Horseheads: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Without Mocha Moment #7, Mocha Moment #6 might have never happened. A few shows into the tour, we found ourselves in Horseheads for a coffee gathering that inspired the first and only Decker’s Daily YouTube video.

Enjoy the picture, then the video. (Gwenn thinks that video is what of the most tedious things I’ve ever produced. “It’s only funny if you’re in it.”) She’s right!


“I don’t get it- I’m going to get my beverage.” - Eric Thomas Craven

#5 Mocha Moment of 2010: Been Caught Stealin’

In September I had an epiphany: if I hid under the espresso machine at closing time and then snuck out just after they opened, I could live in Shenandoah Joe.  And for eight long days, it worked. Thankfully, as a regular patron, I faced no legal repercussions.daily-6-sept9-undermachine.jpg

#4 Mocha Moment of 2010: The Return of P. Decker Fungi
In high school I adopted the name “P. Decker Fungi” for my artwork, an homage/insult to the local artist P. Buckley Moss. My first piece, a perfectly centered volcano after an art lesson as to why things shouldn’t be perfectly centered, received the title “Worst in Show” and was displayed in the hallway for all to see... P. Decker Fungi would not show his work publicly for nearly 20 years.

That all changed when a series of caffeine-inspired chalk drawings- The SummerSlam Series, featuring pro wrestling’s greatest- reignited the career of P. Decker Fungi in the summer of 2010.

#3 Mocha Moment of 2010: Coffee with Mom
  My love of coffee comes naturally; my mom must drink 10 cups a day. Before Christmas, Gwenn and I took her to one of our local watering holes, Calvino Cafe, and Mom loved their special blend. It was the perfect pre-Christmas holiday moment!


#2 Mocha Moment(s) of 2010: My Regular “Joes”
  Many mocha days are shared with my good friend Lauren and her daughter, Evie, who is seen below surprising Gwenn with a birthday present at coffee. Priceless! Thanks for all the laughs and coffee talk, girls, you all know you’re number 1 in my book.

What will be the number one Mocha Moment of 2010?  Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Positively Yours,

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