On Monday, I posted my thoughts on the bailout, and that it should include covering the minor gambling losses of people with AIDS. Namely me.


Well, later that day Obama sent me a signal through the national media, just a little hint that I’d be taken care. And I quote: “I enjoy a little friendly game of poker myself every now and then,” Obama said... what else could that possibly mean?

The media is once again allowing themselves to get excited about a political debate, with tonight’s Biden V. Palin slobberknocker. The hype machine reminds me of boxing, where I’m constantly told that I can’t miss something, only to tune and be let down.

Fight of the Millenium, anyone? That was Oscar de la Hoya VS. Felix “Tito” Trinidad. In 1999, the two best fighters in the world circled one another for 12 rounds, hardly throwing a punch and uncapitivating an audience whose bloodlust would have to be satiated elsewhere.

If entertainment is what you seek, my friend made a Palin parody of the uber-catchy summer hit, “I Kissed a Girl”. It’s called “I Killed a Moose”, check it out here.

Positively Yours,