After a week of feeling under the weather, I’m finally back to my mocha-drinking form.  I’m hoping that two weeks over the last month and half is enough sickness to see me through to the summer...

The silver lining is that my body timed this stuff pretty well, aside from having to miss a Book Club meeting last month to discuss My Pet Virus with the coolest group of ladies in Charlottesville.  Funny thing is, when I emailed to reschedule for this month, I was sick again just as the date was confirmed.  But I went anyway, because I wasn’t contagious and I felt like the Club would think I was dying if I missed out two times in a row.  Aside from fighting back coughs last week, I made it through and it was a very cool experience.

Now, I’m looking forward to healthier days. April is going to be busier than the last couple of months, so I’m hoping I’ve punched my sick card and don’t have to deal with any more sluggish spells. In the meantime, I’m writing new music and am hoping to take Synthetic Division on the road for a couple of weeks this summer.  Of course, I’ll post all updates on that front here on the blog.

Hope this update finds you feeling well!

Positively Yours,