I said I wouldn’t write about writing again. I lied.

Currently, I am finishing my second book, which is a vampire story. I’ve touched on this a little, not giving too many details, as not to spoil the book or get anyone excited before I even have a greenlight on getting it published.

I can say, as I close in on another self-imposed deadline, that I am very happy with how it is going. It’s my first attempt at writing fiction, and I’ve drawn inspiration from my own experiences as a teenager, as well as things that have clicked for me in the genre. If you want a taste of the vibe, watch “Fright Night”, one of my favorite vampire movies.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about Twilight, the most popular of the recent vampire books. The first movie is hitting theatres on November 21, the date of my deadline. I can’t say whether or not my book will be anything like that, since I haven’t read any of the Twilight series. (My sister-in-law loves it, but I’ve heard some haters voice their opinions as well.)

Here’s the trailer for that movie:

So why November 21st for a deadline? Because Thanksgiving soon follows, as does World AIDS Day, which is on December 1st. Every year, that means a lot of traveling for me and Gwenn, then it’s home for the Christmas rush. Basically, when I go to sleep on November 21, I’m going to find myself waking up on January 2, 2009. Quite possibly with a hangover.

And I don’t want my new year’s resolution to be to finish the book.

Am I exploiting my ties to the thinblooded community by writing a vampire book? Absolutely. Am I hoping to have this sucker published before the film versions of the Twilight series suck the life out of the genre for another decade or so?

You betcha.

Positively Yours,